What is the psychodynamic approach?

Psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy, a method that constitutes my entire practice aims at something more than just relieving or eradicating unwanted symptoms. It also works to broaden the understanding of reasons that lie at the core of one's failures.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a method of treatment, that seeks to explain present difficulties, fears, anger, frustration, and other unpleasant emotions as an effect of unconscious factors. What are those? Simply put, those are factors that propel patient's thoughts or behaviors outside of their awareness, prompting him or her to constantly repeat certain relation templates in a way of previously mentioned neglected lessons.

As soon as we can discover, which one of those factors, and why, is causing difficulties, the patients gain understanding of their present situation. The moment they get accustomed with them, they can transfer the newly acquired knowledge into their everyday life - having detached the dead weight of "heavy" emotions from the vessel they use to travel through life.

Only then can positive changes take place, i.e. the feeling of independency, true adulthood and autonomy, that grant the satisfaction of living, without constraints of anxiety or depression.