Why do I need psychotherapy?

Psychotherapist is a person with knowledge and experience, that allow her to assess the situation she witnesses, in a scientific and practical manner. It is a mirror of sorts for the patient - guarantees an objectified outlook of one's problem, through the filter of science and experience.

For psychotherapy to have sense, the therapist has to maintain her position as an observer. This is why she does not judge, does not give advice, does not supply instant solutions. Instead, she helps patients in finding their own. Together they look for a connection between then and now.

An important remark here.
Every therapist, with an honest approach to his or her work, supervises it on a regular basis. It means meeting with another, carefully chosen, experienced psychotherapist, and discussing the cases. I use the word "case" on purpose, because no personal data of patients are revealed during these meetings. Only discussed are problems, and possible ways to interpret phenomena which the psychotherapist has observed.

What is the significance of this? Firstly - it provides a second opinion, therefore additional support from a specialist with their own, a bit different outlook and experience. Secondly - additional control of the whole process, and a certainty, that everything goes by the rules of professional service.