What does it look like in practice, how do I work?

Psychotherapy is primarily a conversation between the patient and the psychotherapist during meetings called psychotherapy sessions. Psychotherapy sessions take place at regular times, one, two or three times a week. One session lasts 45 minutes.

Therapy is preceded by consultations.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is long-term psychotherapy, usually lasting several years, and the regularity, consistency and frequency of sessions are among the healing factors. Like every specialist, I am bound by the principle confidentiality and I supervise my work on a regular basis.

Psychotherapy is a process. When a patient regularly comes to sessions and talks about his difficulties with a psychotherapist, a relationship is created between them, which allows the patient to look at his experiences, ideas and get to know his inner world better. How does it happen?

During the conversation, the patient raises issues that he considers important and I accompany him in this experience, search for solutions and support in experiencing sometimes difficult emotional states. First of all, I don't judge, I don't give advice, I don't give ready-made solutions. I try to give the patient an understanding of his difficulties that he does not have, referring to my thorough knowledge, education and professional experience. It is the previously mentioned unconscious aspects of the psyche that we try to discover and understand.

When this is achieved, the patient can gain a deeper understanding of his situation, his history and his needs. Once he becomes familiar with them, he can independently transfer his new knowledge and experience gained in therapy to the experience of everyday life, without the burden of difficult emotions.