What does psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adolescents look like?

First consultation

I invite parents and their child to the first consultation meeting in order to determine the nature of the reported problems, present the method of work and find out about the willingness and possibility of participating in therapy. The first meeting lasts 60 minutes. It may turn out that several consultation sessions with parents or the child itself will be necessary to start psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy sessions with a teenager

Subsequent meetings, or therapeutic sessions, take place with the teenager himself. The frequency of sessions is from 1 to 3 times a week, sessions last 45 minutes and, as in the case of adult psychotherapy, they involve conversation. In the process of psychotherapy, I help young people understand the difficult changes associated with entering adulthood, the accompanying tensions, losses and frustrations. Both when working with adult patients and when working with adolescents patients I adhere to the principle of full confidentiality.

Cooperation with parents during the psychotherapy process

Consistency and regularity of sessions are very important in the therapy process. I encourage parents to support their child in regular participation in sessions, especially in difficult moments when the child may not be willing or strong enough to come to the session. It is important to try to look at psychotherapy as an opportunity to support development, and sometimes as a necessity to maintain health and guarantee a better future for the child.

During the psychotherapy process, consultations with the patient's parents may be necessary. These are always individual issues. Importantly, such consultations always take place at a different time than the teenager's sessions and are intended to help in therapy. As in the case of adults, therapy is long-term.