Psychotherapy consultations are meetings that usually precede psychotherapy. They may also take the form of ad hoc support or intervention, for example in a situation that caused temporary problems.

However, consultations are not advice. This is a rather good way to name the difficulties and expectations together with the therapist. During them, you will be able to observe how a psychotherapist works and decide whether the principles of psychotherapy would suit you.

Not all consultations end with therapy, because the purpose of the consultation is to find the best way to help. During the consultation, it may turn out that, for example, other working methods would be better, such as group therapy, couple therapy, addiction therapy or pharmacotherapy. It may also turn out that this is not the right time in your life to start therapy, for example when you are struggling with a situation that prevents you from regularly participating in therapy sessions.

The final decision whether to start therapy depends mainly on you and your willingness and curiosity to work on yourself.