What is psychoanalytic psychotherapy?

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a method of psychotherapy that primarily assumes the existence of the unconscious. What is that? In short, it is an area of our psyche that is in a sense invisible or hidden, for example our hidden desires or conflicts. Sometimes it happens that they "take over" our lives and start "ruling" us in such a way that we keep repeating certain patterns and do not understand why this happens. For example: we do not understand why we enter into unsatisfactory relationships, we cannot overcome our limitations, we cannot develop. The result of such functioning may be unpleasant symptoms in the psyche, e.g. anxiety, mood changes, as well as in the body, e.g. tension, pain or psychosomatic diseases.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy gives the opportunity to deeper understanding our needs, and allows for development and lasting changes such as a sense of independence, adulthood and autonomy.